Southside cocktail with gin, lime and mint


The Southside cocktail is bright, fresh and perfect for summer. The cocktail is an easy twist on the classic Gimlet cocktail with the simple addition of fresh mint.


2oz Barr Hill Gin
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
.75oz Simple Syrup
5-6 Mint Leaves (muddled)


Add simple syrup and mint leaves to a shaker. Gently muddle. Add gin and lime juice, then shake with ice. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh mint.

Variation - Southside Fizz

Serve over ice in a collins glass and top with soda water to create the Southside Fizz cocktail. This is essentially a Gin Mojito and equally delicious!

c. Early 1900s. The exact origins of the Southside cocktail are debated. It's rumored to have been a favorite of Al Capone and named after the South Side of Chicago, which his gang controlled. Other accounts credit it to the South Side Sportsmen's Club in Long Island, NY.

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