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Barr Hill Vodka

Distilled From Raw Honey

Barr Hill Vodka is our tribute to the hardworking beekeepers. In late summer, we take delivery of hundreds of barrels of their pure raw honey. Their season’s work is what makes our vodka truly special. Our recipe depends on two simple principles: we never heat the honey prior to fermentation and we never distill more than twice. By preserving the wild yeast and rich aromatics of the nectar, we capture the essence of the wildflower fields and bring it straight to your glass. With three pounds of raw honey in every bottle, our vodka is a true labor of love.

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Tasting Notes:

With soft and subtle wildflower nectars, our raw honey gives this distinctive vodka a floral nose and depth.

Refined and elegant, this vodka is uniquely flavorful and smooth. Makes a luxurious Vespers Martini, notable Spritz and outstanding Mule cocktail.

Gluten-free. Kosher. ABV: 40%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Riva R
Best martini vodka!

This is my favorite vodka for a martini - elegant and delicious!

Bruce Bowers
Both the Vodka and the Gin were very good.

They both tasted very good. The price was a little high for everyday consumption. However for a gift it was prefect.


Makes the best lemon drop martini.