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Tonic Syrup 375ml

Bold & Flavorful

This is Barr Hill's house tonic syrup, available exclusively by Barr Hill.

We searched across continents to find the perfect blend of real cinchona bark to craft a tonic that is bolder and more flavorful than any you've tasted before. With a uniquely rich, amber color and naturally sweetened only with Barr Hill Raw Honey, this tonic is ideal for a freshly made Barr Hill Gin & Tonic.

To make a Barr Hill Gin & Tonic, we recommend 1 oz of tonic syrup to 2 oz of Barr Hill Gin, over ice and topped with plain seltzer or club soda and garnish with a fresh slice of lime.

Refrigerate after opening. We recommend using within 60 days.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nothing better, period.

Without a doubt the best tasting tonic around. The all natural ingredients and care that goes into the creation of all of Barr Hill’s crafts is what makes them the best tasting distillery not just in Vermont or New England, but I’d argue all of the US. So insanely good!!

Harriett Crosby
Your tonic syrup at night has stopped my leg cramps (charlie horses)

For years I've woken up at night with terrible cramps in my legs, calfs and thighs.
Unbelievably painful. But when I drink your tonic syrup before going to bed, I have no cramps. Miraculous! to get a full night's sleep until morning with no cramps. Thank you.

Best ever!

The Barr Hill tonic syrup is amazing!! Not only does it elevate my gin and tonic … it also enhances some fish and chicken dishes!

Barbara Bouchard

This is the ingredient I've been searching for! My G&T's have been elevated! Cheers!